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Welcome to Hackman Frames, makers of fine picture frames. We produce many styles of handmade picture frames, which are the pride of our shop. Our frames are perfect for original works of art where design, size, and finish, are skillfully produced to enhance each individual piece.

All of our frames begin with raw North American basswood, and moldings are milled in our shop, allowing total control of profiles, rabbet width, and depth.

Our fine staff of artisans join the raw moldings to your exact measurements, prepare the frames for finishing, and hand-carve many period, as well as unique designs.

The 22k gold frames, and 12k white gold frames proceed using time honored methods of gesso, bole, water gilding, and finishing.

The process by which our metal leaf frames are made; continues, by using techniques developed by Hackman Frames over the past nine years, replicating as accurately as possible, the look and feel of real gold.


12/31/1969 - Floater frames 

Project Spotlight

12/31/1969 - Hackman Frames makes frame for Thomas Edison portrait

Project Spotlight

12/31/1969 - Hackman Frames makes frame for Wright Brothers portrait

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